Benefits of Working with us

supplychaintemps, a leading staffing company, offers contract and direct employees access to great job opportunities and career advancement programs, as well as excellent benefits and rewards. Through the supplychaintemps employee benefits and rewards program, we demonstrate appreciation for you and emphasize a true employer-employee partnership.

Working for our staffing company gives you access to comprehensive health benefits and a variety of work-life benefits. Our benefits include contributory medical, Company-paid Long Term Disability Insurance and 401K. We also have partnered with many companies to provide our employees with an array of corporate discounts.

supplychaintemps' current plans provide 100% contribution from the company for Long Term Disability Insurance for employees at least working 30 hours per week, and to be eligible for 401K Plan, employees must be working at least 20 hours per week.

Pay Options

Other benefits of working for our staffing company include weekly paychecks for pickup, by mail or direct deposit. supplychaintemps also offers Direct Deposit, which automatically deposits your paycheck into an account for instant access.

Flexible Opportunities

You may choose from contract, contract-to-hire or permanent positions. The flexibility of working with us lets you address short-term employment needs, try out a position or immediately become a permanent employee.

Job Preparation

At supplychaintemps we prepare you throughout the hiring process. Our associates and our friendly team will ensure you are at your best on the first day of work.

Equal Opportunity Employer

supplychaintemps provides equal employment and advancement opportunities to all individuals. Employment decisions at supplychaintemps are based on merit, qualifications and abilities. supplychaintemps does not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of race, color and religion, gender, national origin, ancestry, age, disabilities or any other characteristics protected by law.

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Looking to start your career, make a change or just looking passively? Don't worry. Our team of recruitment specialists will match your profile to some amazing opportunities and work with you. Here are the two ways you can get in front of our recruiting team. Create a profile on our careers site or attach your resume below and you'll be part of our candidate database.

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Your Careers Account Benefits

Why sign up for your Careers account?

  • We're hiring. Create an account and you can apply for some of the most desirable employment opportunities in the country.
  • You can post your online resume within our secure database.
  • You will have access to the list of your job alerts.
  • Only the Solutions4Business Group family of Recruiter's will have access to your resume.
  • Our Recruiters will search for a job for you.
  • Your information will be kept confidential.

You must create an account in order to submit your resume or apply for jobs. Visit our Careers portal today!


What is the cost of SUPPLYCHAINTEMPS services to job seekers?

There is no cost to job seekers. We are paid by the companies where our employees are placed.

What type of benefits do you offer?

Benefit packages vary based on position, location, duration and other factors. Medical, bonus, long-term disability insurance, 401K and paid holidays / vacation days may be available. Specifics of benefits package are based on the assignment and hours worked. Talk to your recruitment specialist to learn more.

  • 100% contribution from the company for Long Term Disability for employees at least working 30 hours per week
  • 401K Plan – Employee must be working at least 20 hours per week to be eligible

How long do the assignments last?

The length of the assignment varies according to our customer’s needs. Some are short-term; some are long-term. We work to match the right person with the right job, so if you desire long-term assignments with 40-hour work weeks, then we'll strive to put you in that type of assignment, however the assignments are subject to our customer’s needs.

How and when am I paid?

Contract employees are paid bi-weekly by supplychaintemps. Typically contract employees are based on the number of hours worked and the position's pay rate; in some cases contract employees are paid a salary. Direct placement employees are paid in accordance with our customer’s payroll policies.

Do you have a general mailbox for resumes, or do I have to apply for a specific job?

If you'd like to be considered for employment, but do not see a current job posting that matches your skills and experiences, you may submit your resume directly into the supplychaintemps database or just email to our general mailbox:

What is is an online employment tool that allows visitors to search for jobs and post resumes. It is wholly owned and operated by Solutions4Business, Inc. the parent company of supplychaintemps. Posting your resume and setting up an account in is the best way to get your information in front of our professional recruiters.

I am relocating soon. Can I apply for a job in my new location?

Job applications require a valid, current address. You can indicate your geographic preferences for work on your application. To indicate your geographic preferences choose one or more cities in the eligibility section of your job application.

You can also contact the supplychaintemps office at 855-345-7742 and schedule to speak to a recruiter.

Do you hire CONTRACTORS on a corp-to-corp basis? Do you hire independent contractors?

supplychaintemps hires its contractors on a W-2 basis. supplychaintemps withholds taxes from our contactors and earnings are reported to the IRS each year. supplychaintemps contractors must complete a W-4 form at the beginning of their employment. supplychaintemps generally does not hire contractors on a 1099 basis or by way of corp-to-corp arrangements.


We're here from Monday to Friday 8AM EDT - 5 PM EDT to answer your questions.

Dial +1-855-345-7S4B to get in contact with a recruiter at supplychaintemps or drop us a note using the contact form on this website and one of our recruiters will get in touch.